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I Extra Life to Give Back to the Hospital that Cared for Me

Jeremy Woodbridge, also known in the gaming community as Kiyakou, is in his second-year of gaming for Extra Life. Through his own experiences as a hospital patient, he has been incredibly grateful to be a part of Extra Life by giving back to kids who were once in his position.

Two weeks before his sixteenth birthday, severe stomach pains took him to his nearest general hospital where they discovered a bowel blockage. After surgery and a two-week stay in the hospital, he was told the blockage was caused by inflammation due to Crohn’s disease.

“When released they gave me no aftercare advice or medicine to help me in preventing future flare ups,” says Woodbridge. “One month later I was already experiencing a flare up and I can remember begging my parents that I was not ready for another 2 weeks in the hospital. My parents decided right there we needed to change hospitals.

When I arrived at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, I was treated with such kindness and sympathy and I could see the relief on my parents faces when they saw how I was treated. I was in less pain and felt hopeful again. This was everything to me. In the hospital, I used video games as therapy to remove myself from my current situation and would love talking to the nurses of what I was playing at the time. I felt like I could be a kid again. I got the care that lead to my remission today thanks to them.”

Woodbridge started streaming video games in 2016. While he started to slowly build a following, he began looking for a way to host a charity stream to promote positivity and help others in need. Fellow streamer friends suggested he learn about Extra Life.

“I was excited to learn that I could select specific hospitals. To my discovery I found the one that impacted my life the most as a child, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. At that moment, I knew this charity was perfect for me. I played my 24 hours and although I was exhausted, I felt a great sense of victory. The money I raised would go to a hospital that if they didn’t exist, I would not be here today.”

Knowing what he and his friends have been able to accomplish by raising money through Extra Life has meant the world to him. With the help of fellow streamers, RLrichey, and SakuraTsubasa, they have raised over $2.5K.

“Thanks to Extra Life, I now have the chance to give back to a hospital that cared so much for me and helped me be here today. Thank you Doernbecher and thank you Extra Life for this opportunity.”

Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program within the gaming community. Participants play games for 24 hours and collect donations from family and friends. Anyone who wants to play games and heal kids can register at EXTRA-LIFE.ORG